In old style


In our shop with typical rustic furniture and room accessories, you will find also beautiful and original fireplace doors, hanging blocks, connectors, ventilation grids, windows, padlocks, bottle openers, radiator feet, joystick holders and many other functional and robust products. Made from top quality steel and cast iron rustic accessories will delight your practicality, style and character and wide usage possibilities.



When arranging the flat, we focus on the most visible elements, and later we pamper the details. Once we have the colors, finishing elements, furniture and decorative accessories properly selected for a specific style, we begin the search for matching furniture handles, lamps, door handles and windows. And when it seems to us that we have refined the design in every, even the smallest detail, it turns out that the kitchen could use a railing, in the hall you need to hang an additional lamp, and the bathroom lacks a soap dish. Some small everyday objects and mounting accessories are difficult to adjust visually to interior design. Therefore, in order to make it easier for you to decorate an apartment in a rustic, retro, vintage, industrial or classic style, we have created a category where you can find various useful rustic accessories, extremely practical, solidly made, versatile and stylish.

What can you find in the mentioned category? Really a lot of useful old-style items! If in the already decorated interior you want to attach a new mirror or hang a received gift, we offer a practical, solidly made fixing plate in our offer.
If you need to rearrange the space in the wardrobe, because you have more clothes that need to be hanged on hangers, you can purchase a rustic fastening rod for the wardrobe and a steel rod. This will make adding more functionality to the rustic equipment, while you will not receive it's stylish, antique character. Among the various details made of steel, cast iron or brass, you can also find: kitchen railings (including hand-wrought kitchen railing), a cast-iron cross-piece for modular shelves and shelving system construction, stylish furniture stopper, retro furniture keys, old style lampshade, remarkable and practical wine holder, equally ingenious and beautiful cast iron egg holder, vintage radiator handle, old letterbox in English style, single pulley block or two pulley block - both are great for wall or ceiling mounting and make it easier to hang lamps, pots with flowers and other objects, original and beautiful vintage soap dishes, a charming Chinese mini-padlock and many, many other rustic furniture, assembly and decorative accessories.

Why is it worth paying attention to such details as various types of tubes, connectors, rods, stops and slings? If the whole house is designed with an ancient note, reaching for traditional materials, design and colors, then you can not allow modern assembly elements and small decorations to spoil the whole effect. Glossy, chrome-plated steel and plastic mate badly with rustic-style interiors, and because they do not fit the whole, they are immediately visible - even if they are really small. That's why it's good to take care of the smallest details, refining the retro arrangement to perfection. It is also worth remembering that rustic gadgets, decorative construction elements are made of the highest quality cast iron, steel and brass, often they are hand-made items, with exceptional care and commitment. By purchasing such items, we not only care about the authenticity of the arrangement, but also invest in durable and reliable equipment that will certainly serve us for many years - much longer than competitive products (cheap and poor quality) from DIY stores and popular retail chains.