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Taps & Showers

Stylish retro bathrooms and kitchens cannot be arranged without the perfect tap. offers mixer taps, faucets, shower sets - all vintage and stylish. Unique and antique ornaments will definitely charm every retro and timeless design lover. All taps on our offer are made from the highest quality materials, guaranteeing a long time of use. 



The retro style was well placed in home interiors, gaining more and more supporters. Nothing strange about it - classical forms and colors make rustic and vintage arrangements are timeless and bravely keep up with the ever-changing fashion. In addition, these styles are extremely cozy, conducive to the care of the home and close to the world of nature. Although old-fashioned equipment is still the most popular choice for a living room or bedroom, year by year there are more and more enthusiasts of retro arrangements, opting for a vintage kitchen and a retro bathroom. While the right furniture with stylish furniture fittings is not a big problem, a lot of difficulties are associated with the completion of the appropriate fittings. Modern taps, faucets and showerheads are very characteristic of old-style interiors and simply do not fit. What in exchange? It is worth choosing antique design of taps and corks!
In our offer you will find faucets and wall mounted taps, bathtub faucets, basin taps, decorative basin plugs and shower set - all in an original, old-fashioned form combined with modern functionality. The old style fittings recommended by us are made of brass, with attention to every detail - it is not only beautiful and delightful, but also extremely durable and resistant to water. The slender shapes of retro taps go hand in hand with the original colors. Antique bath taps, washbasin taps and shower faucets are available in two colors: antique black and antique gold. They are slightly scratched on the edges and rings, thanks to, they gain even more retro character and become equipment perfectly imitating real old devices.
An antique bath mixer with decorative ceramics will decorate every bathroom in a retro style, adding elegance, refinement and giving it a unique character. Such a set of wall-mounted taps and a shower head fits perfectly with a free-standing retro bathtub on decorative legs. It will perfectly complement the arrangement of an exclusive classic bathroom decorated with the use of marble elements. A high antique basin tap in black will become a functional decoration of the kitchen or bathroom. Due to its construction, it will be suitable both for classic sinks, as well as for the - typical for retro style - over-table bowls. Antique design of retro brass taps will become a perfect finish in a rustic interior arrangement and will allow for a consistent composition of traditional, original and beautiful pieces of equipment.
The use of modern solutions - such as smooth regulation of water flow or a mixer-hot water - in bathroom and kitchen fittings that resembles equipment from several centuries ago, makes our retro taps with two important functions: utility and decorative. It is worth paying attention to details when we arrange a room, because these are the details that have a huge impact on the final reception of the interior. In the bathroom, in which there is retro furniture with rustic handles, a classic mirror in a wooden frame, and a rustic paper holder and a retro basin spout, we will find the atmosphere of old times and we will feel special.