In old style

Tables, benches

Tables, benches with wooden, rustic countertops with unique steel base in different options. Their design shows the past  and the fashion that prevailed at that time. This combination of idyllic and industrial style can be the main feature of the living room, kitchen or garden. They used recycled boards and environmentally friendly materials.



The table is one of the most important furniture in every home. It is at what we meet with family and friends, eating and feasting. At the table, children do their homework and parents read the newspaper and drink afternoon coffee. The table - whether at home or in the garden - is conducive to home care and family ties. It is worth to make this furniture solid, functional and beautiful. In the kitchen, dining room or living room, there is also a table which, as one of the first ones, conspicuous, gives the room a certain character and gives the style. However, when choosing a table, one more important thing is to remember that it is a very intensive piece of furniture that is being used every day, exposed to various consistencies and temperatures. So it is worth to choose a wooden table, and even better - for a very original, solid and reliable table combining wood and steel. In our offer you will find unique rustic tables and industrial tables, matching both modern and old-fashioned interiors. All the tables, tables and benches that we offer have been made with care for every detail, from the highest quality materials. Imitation of nail marks or the use of recovery boards are treatments that make the rustic countertops look real, giving them the appearance of a worn-out, time-worn object.

A large, solid wooden table with steel legs is the perfect choice for an industrial dining room or rustic-style kitchen. With such a table, the entire family can easily be accommodated and shared meals will be provided in comfortable conditions and unusual climates. Loft interior enthusiasts will be delighted to find a counter topped with a metal frame painted to resemble a rusted metal plate. The wooden part is a combination of recycled wood and pallets. Properly secured tables are ideal not only for the dining room and the living room. The specimens offered by us are great material for the garden table. They will especially be in rustic gardens, inspired by nature, idyllic countryside, full of wildflowers.

Wooden legs with steel legs are great equipment not only for home interiors. Industrial furniture or rustic tables are increasingly gaining popularity in pubs and clubs. Today there is a fashion for adapting the interiors of abandoned factories and old industrial facilities for entertainment purposes. A mini brewery, a restaurant or a pub in an industrial setting is a proposition that is appreciated by customers. It is worth taking care of the thoughtful, attractive interior image, including - appropriate furnishings. Wood and metal tables have the advantage that they not only look great but are also very durable. This is why they can be used successfully in places where dozens of people use it every day. By investing in tables, tables and benches, we gain fashionable and robust equipment for long years of activity. The set can be set at the local rustic or industrial hokery. Bar chairs inspired by the equipment of former industrial plants are a perfect dot over and in a stylish arrangement of the premises.

Keep in mind that although the table can design the flow of the arrangement, it needs a suitable environment that will extract and highlight its beauty. Our wonderful wooden benches with rustic and industrial wooden tables with metal legs are recommended to compose with equally original and original shelves. Robust combination of wood and high quality steel makes the shelf units in industrial style are able to handle really large loading. This makes it ideal for any interior, from home bookcase, pantry, wine cellar to finishing. The consequence of choosing wood and steel furniture will enhance the effect. Such furniture adorns wooden floors and "bare" concrete walls or brick or stone. Let's remember that the table must be properly lit. Rustic lamps or candle holder will help to create a wonderful atmosphere while also emphasizing the beauty of wood and steel made tables.