In old style

Stools, hokers

Original stools, bar stools, styled to fit the old factory, guarantee the original addition of industrial and vintage arrangements. The combination of wood and steel, the rigidity and simplicity of our bar stools is an excellent proposition for industrial cuisine, a rustic dining room, but also for a stylish restaurant inspired by loft interiors. In our offer you can find hard and upholstered bar chairs, vintage stools and industrial swivel chairs. All of them beautifully complement the interior, becoming a practical and comfortable use of decor, matching a wooden countertop, stylish industrial table or a bar counter.



We choose stylish furniture, paying attention to every detail. We try to make the arrangement we created was perfect and complete. The biggest problem is when choosing furniture for sitting. We want them to be not only beautiful and suitable for the interior design - we want at the same time they are comfortable to use and durable. In our offer you will find stools, hokers and rotating chairs, which will perfectly complement the rustic, vintage and industrial arrangements. Our bar chairs can be used successfully in private homes and commercial premises. Unmistakable simplicity and rigidity make our hokers and stools an element of equipment that, apart from purely practical function, also plays a unique role. Industrial steel bar chairs are styled to fit factories and industrial plants. They perfectly fit into the design of LOFT and industrial interiors. The vintage wooden stool is a great solution for old-style interiors. Such furniture can be combined with a retro bar counter to get a really beautiful and functional interior design.

Our bar stools are very comfortable to use, despite their visual rigidity and top quality. Thanks to a suitably shaped seat, the bar chair itself is very comfortable, but for the more demanding customers, we also have a bar chair upholstered. Eco leather in dark colors perfectly blends with the steel elements. This combination is a dream piece of furniture in an industrial style. Our bar stools and chairs have comfortable footrests, most models also have adjustable seat height, which greatly enhances comfort because the height of the chair can be adjusted to the user. Also, industrial swivel chairs guarantee high comfort. Seat and backrest made of pine or oak wood have been profiled in addition to the height of the seat and angle of backrest.

Industrial chairs and stools in vintage style can be used successfully for a variety of different arrangements. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is the furnishing of bars and pubs. Natural wood and steel are very durable and reliable materials, they can be used extensively and still retain their beautiful appearance and without losing their stability. A well-designed and properly made bar chair made of wood and metal will remain in perfect condition for years of increased use. However, you should go beyond the scheme and dare to use these types of hokes in the arrangement of home interiors. A modern dinning room or industrial kitchen is the perfect place to put a metal bar chair, especially since it is became increasingly popular in the bar. This can also be placed in the living room, arranging a corner to serve drinks. In the rustic lounge a stylish wooden bar chair will give you more definite character.

How to create a dream dining corner with character? Just set a high bar counter on the brick wall, or set a wooden counter on the wall, then select the appropriate industrial bar stools . In such decorated corner, it will be nice to have a meal or an afternoon coffee or an evening drink. On retro bar stools you can rest after a hard day, legs resting on the footrest, spine rests when the back is arranged in a comfortable base, and created by the arrangement of mood will put us in good humor and will help to relax.