In old style

Key signs

Robust door signers and keyed drawers, cupboard doors, wardrobes, library cabinets and other larger furniture. Fitting with tiny screws, in color emphasizing the rustic character of the shovels. Manual work guarantees long-term use.



Furniture and door hardware are small, but extremely important elements in the rustic style interior design (and not only) . They can emphasize the character of the equipment, adding to it the unique flavor and atmosphere of old times. What you should definitely be interested in are the keyboards. On the one hand, they perfectly decorate key-operated doors, drawers, cabinets, cupboards and bookcases, on the other hand they also have a very practical function, protecting the furniture in the place of the cut keyhole against mechanical damage, such as fraying or abrasion of the edges, cracking of wood, etc. and facilitating the introduction of the key to the buttonhole.

Sign for the key, emblem, key - no matter what wording we use, it is important that this element of the door and furniture is a very distinctive detail, affecting the reception of the entire set up. So what if a stylish retro sideboard is in a vintage room, if we spoil the whole effect with a modern keyhole and an equally modern key? Signs for a hand-made key, full of antique character, with a rustic design from before centuries - this is the right way to decorate precious, old wooden furniture! A cast iron in natural steel color will match any beautiful piece of furniture from the past.

We can choose from large, horizontal or vertical key emblems, which are perfect for solid wooden doors or larger furniture, more modest, smaller and more delicate in the form of clasps, ideal for small elements of equipment. A signboard for keys can be very ornate and eye-catching or simple and modest. In our range you will find signs for a key made of cast iron, decorative furniture signboard made of brass, steel clasps in a natural shade of steel or varnished in black, emblems for keys with a delicate rust effect. Decorative signs for doors and furniture are available in many different designs and sizes, from the simplest keys in the shape of a shield or oval, through more complicated emblems for keys, to decorative keys that will add splendor to large wooden surfaces. The same piece of furniture can look completely different, depending on the choice of the emblem. These functional and beautiful furniture and door fittings allow you to emphasize the simple and modest nature of rustic furnishings, or enrich and decorate old wooden furniture, giving them a more elegant and refined character. Do you want to create an design similar to the old cottage, or stylize the interior of a manor house? - properly selected keyboards and other retro furniture fittings will help you achieve the intended effect!

It is worth fitting the remaining furniture fittings in the same style to suitably selected keyboards. In our rich offer you will find rustic furniture handles, old-style door and window handles, retro furniture hinges, stylish box and chest fittings and many stylish gadgets in a rustic style that together will help you conjure up in the interior a unique, mysterious atmosphere of old times. All furniture accessories from our shop are carefully made of the highest quality materials and are a reliable, durable and beautiful complement to any arrangement in a rustic, retro or industrial style.