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Bottle openers

In the kitchen, in the morning the most important is the expres for coffee, in the evening a bottle of favorite drink. To be completely happy, I only have the bottle opener . Assuming that what we are looking for, we will find the last place we can go, and we offer you the newest collection of retro, vintage, loft or industrial openers. With this bottle opener you will no longer have to "use" the fur, hammers, screwdrivers, corner counters, etc. Made of solid material, will withstand a lot of "openings".



There are gadgets that you should have at home, even if you do not use them every day. One of them is certainly a bottle opener, which is useful both on hot summer afternoons and throughout the year during events organized at home or meetings with friends.A good opener is an important little thing that allows you to start a nice meeting with your favorite drink without having to make stressful attempts to undermine the caps with a sharp tool. If you want the bottle opener to be solid, reliable, failure-free and effective, it is worth choosing among accessories made by hand from the highest quality materials.

The iron castings we offer impress with their extraordinary durability, excellent quality and remarkable, rustic design. Thanks to its classic form, our bottle openers in a retro style fit perfectly into any home, flat, bar and restaurant, regardless of the arrangement used in the interior.Retro bottle openers can be divided into two categories. The first of these are manual bottle openers, which are a traditional solution and characterized by an oblong, straight shape.This opener is a great choice when it's important to have it always at hand. We can use it at home every day, storing it in one of the kitchen drawers, but we can easily take it to the garden if we're just organizing a garden party. The second type of bottle openers are openers that can be mounted on the wall.It is a very effective solution, recommended especially for various types of pubs and dining venues, but not only - such a stylish bottle opener will also work in the comfort of your home, especially if your household members tend to lose small items.An additional advantage of the wall bottle opener is the fact that if you mount the bottle cap directly underneath it, after opening the bottle you do not have to worry about what to do with the waste you receive, or look after the bottled scattered on the floor.

What is the characteristic of rustic bottle openers? First of all, they are handmade, according to old craft recipes that have been working for many centuries. Secondly, they are made of durable and effective cast iron in a beautiful and versatile steel color.Thirdly, rustic bottle openers have engraved names of well-known corporations that have enjoyed unflagging popularity for centuries. This means that everyone can have a stylish retro bottle opener Coca Cola or a Chateau Margaux opener at home.Rustic bottle openers are gadgets dedicated not only to homes, bars and gardens arranged in a retro style. Thanks to the universal colors and the classic form, they will work in any interior.Metal fits beautifully with wood, glass or wicker, so if we have one of these materials at home, certainly an old-style bottle opener will successfully find its place in our. Our bottle openers are an offer including for interiors and gardens decorated in the following styles: rustic, retro, vintage, industrial, colonial, classic, modern.A cast iron die opener is a small but solid little thing that makes life easier, makes your moments more relaxing, becomes an arranging dot overand never fails! Certainly it is worth having it among other useful equipment, such as shelf brackets, paper holders, candlesticks and decorations.