In old style


Lampshades on the offer meet the requirements of the most demanding loft- and retro-style lovers. Products are addressed to those Customers, who wish to create their own - and thus unique - lamps. The vast range of lamp holders and cables on offer enables them to design pendant, wall and floor lighting. Thanks to our comprehensive offer, you can collect lighting for every interior in the house or flat! Among our products are traditional, plastic and caged lampshades. Products available in a great variety of colours: powder-coated, aged, rusty...




What are lampshades?

A lampshade is a decoration that covers the lamp's base. It is an important element for two reasons - it reduces the brightness of the light and adds character to the lamp. Lampshades can be chosen accordingly to the desired final effects that users can achieve. only offers products of the highest quality. 

How should a lampshade be used?

Lampshades can be used purely for aesthetic reasons, as they definitely add character to both the lamp and the room. You can either choose a simple model or a brave one - it all depends on the desired arrangement goal. The lampshades on our offer perfectly match retro and industrial designs. 

How to choose the perfect lampshade?

Lampshades are available in different forms, designs and colours - these factors should not be ignored as they influence the whole interior. Take time to think about the desired effect. A simple model can be chosen to complement calming interiors however, this is only an example. It is essential to create a consistent visual design. 

What factors should be considered when choosing a lampshade?

When choosing a lampshade, various aspects should be considered and analyzed - financial, aesthetic and functional. You should define your needs and expectations and carefully search for the perfect lampshade according to the determined points.  The lampshades on our offer are affordable, beautiful and practical.