In old style


Avant-garde style, you can find by looking at our furniture offer, guarantees their uniqueness. New but they look very used. Their construction and design have been applied, seemingly, strange methods of processing and used, at least unpopular materials. What might be nice in rusty steel, cracks, or bruises?
The furniture has been created for fans of the characteristic vintage , industrial , loft atmosphere , which gain more and more approval. We have a combination of wood and steel - nature with innovation. Classic wooden furniture in original designs makes us start to see them in a completely different light.


The original interior requires original accessories. Rooms in a rustic or industrial style can not be equipped with traditional furniture, because it will subtract the whole atmosphere. You can not bewitch up the mood in a room using only stylish accessories. Rustic furniture accessories will surely change even the most ordinary, new wardrobe, but with thoughtful, strongly stylized arrangement it is worth reaching for more decisive accents. Thinking about unusual arrangements, our unique furniture was created, combining old and traditional with modern and innovation. Wooden furniture with metal elements will work wherever original and solid solutions are necessary. Old-style furniture, such as vintage stools, industrial bar stools, a table with an oak top and metal legs, a stylish shelf racking on wheels or an aged RTV cabinet is a perfect solution not only for fashionable loft arrangements in living room and dining room, it is also a great way to equip an original bar and avant-garde restaurant. Solid metal furniture design and special production processes ensure stability, durability and reliability of our rustic furniture.
Our industrial and rustic furniture is a proposal that surprises and delights with its overall image as well as with all the details. New, smooth wood certainly would not give the character of loft arrangements and - in combination with rusted metal elements - would look unnatural, that's why we have made every effort to obtain new items, but the appearance of old, worn out furniture, intensively exploited over the years. Wooden tables, shelves and chairs were made using special aging techniques. Boards have indentations, scratches and cracks imitating nails and imitating the natural aging and wear of household appliances. Steel used for the production of industrial furniture is deliberately covered with rust and patina. The furniture so prepared perfectly complements the arrangement referring to the style of an old, abandoned factory, a forgotten warehouse, a deserted cottage.
An aged shelf racking on wheels and a stylish metal bar stool are unique furniture that will not suit any interior. Aged furniture, combining wood and metal, are almost created for industrial and vintage style. Due to their massive, heavy form, this type of furniture loves large, bright interiors. They blend in well with a brick wall and wooden floor.  Industrial furniture and wooden vintage furniture are original furnishings of gastronomic establishments, who appreciate the highest quality of equipment, but also original, attractive design. Solid steel construction, metal corners and fittings as well as excellent wood quality guarantee durability of furniture even with a large number of customers and increased equipment operation. Interesting design, excellent quality and durability of wooden and metal furniture is not everything, another unquestionable advantage of our rustic equipment is its functionality and ergonomics. Bar stools with a comfortable footrest and adjustable seat height and shelves equipped with wheels are solutions that facilitate the use of furniture and allow you to customize the equipment to your current needs.
Industrial style and vintage arrangements have many names, so we do not limit ourselves to individual designs of our unique, stylish furniture. We understand that not everyone may prefer a hard bar chair in industrial style. For those who appreciate the highest comfort of use, we offer an industrial upholstered bar chair. If you are not convinced by the construction made entirely of metal, you can reach for an original and beautiful combination of metal and antiqued wood. Stylish vintage chairs will look great at an aged table with a wooden table top and metal legs. An aged wheeled shelf racking does not have to be huge, if we want to put such a piece of furniture in a smaller room, we can choose a  small or medium wheeled shelf racking, and if we think that mobility of furniture is a redundant convenience for us, in our offer you can also find a stable classic bookshelf in old style.