In old style

Furniture wheels

Each of us values ​​the individual character and original design of the room. The rustic , retro and adaptive rooms of old factories, attics etc. are very fashionable. The lofts, vintage spaces are specific and need specific furniture and interior trim. Our wheels are ideally suited for such interiors, for furniture made from steel, wood or most fashionable pallets.



Industrial style is a hot trend in the industry. No wonder, then, that fashion is returning to classic materials in the field of interior design and furniture - mainly metal, steel, wood or cast iron. In our offer of furniture accessories you will find, among others, beautiful and practical furniture wheels. They allow for self-made and decorated furniture. Thanks to such treatments we get the original design of our rooms, which envy our neighbors and friends.

We offer a wide range of rustic furniture accessories, including stylish wheels available in many colors and sizes. The wheels are bolted to the legs or the base of the furniture such as tables or chests, so we get a mobile furniture that we can freely move and set. Suitable for boxes, trunks or even tables. With the help of industrial furniture casters we will create, for example, a mobile bar ideal for parties or a coffee table, which we will put in a comfortable place.

The furniture wheels offered in our shop are made in a retro, vintage, industrial and rustic environment. These old details complement the rustic style in the interiors creating a unique atmosphere. Our industrial wheelchairs are based on authentic industrial wheels that bring to mind the times of steam engines. This design also emphasizes the originality of the furniture on which we install the wheels. Please note that with our rustic furniture accessories you can finish the work yourself and create a beautiful and unique piece of furniture.

Purchase of furniture rings in industrial style provides individual character and original design of the room. Perfectly matched with wood elements or fashionable europallets recently. If you plan to decorate the interior of an apartment or pub in an industrial style, remember that this style needs a proper setting, an epoch-style finish and of course matching details such as wheelchairs. For sale we have different models of wheels, such as rotating 360 degrees, so it is easy to maneuver even larger furniture.