In old style


Lighting is an important element of every interior, no matter the style. Metal lamps and round wooden chandeliers are a must-have in industrial and retro designs.
Colourful electrical cables and lamp holders became a very popular lighting accessory in rustic homes. 



Anyone who has faced the challenge of decorating an old-fashioned home will certainly agree with the statement that even the smallest, wrongly chosen details can spoil the entire effect of the intricately arranged arrangement. We can choose old furniture, retro door handles, stylish door knockers, beautiful window shutters, rustic shelves brackets, original old-fashioned accessories and other great items modeled on equipment from old times, but still the biggest problem is ... widely understood electrician. The task is twice more difficult - first of all you have to choose the lighting that will give the mood light properly and at the same time - visually match design of the room. To meet the expectations of our customer, we have prepared an offer of stylish lamps, chandeliers, wall lights, bulb holders, as well as wires and cables, perfectly reflecting the atmosphere of the arrangement in a retro style.

The lamp is a very important element of any arrangement: it gives light, creates a mood in the room, and at the same time is itself an interior decoration. In rustic style, retro and industrial arrangements, lighting should be specific and unusual. In vintage interior design, of course, it is difficult to refrain from locating a stylish cast-iron or wooden candlestick in every possible place, but traditional electric lighting will also be useful in every room. For old-style interiors we recommend stylish, antiqued sconces, eg a double hand-made wall lamp or a ceiling lamp - necessarily with a retro shade. Rustic lamps are characterized by a simple form and a fairly strict character. Often they have a metal shade, sometimes it is a rusted shaded - this solution is quite bold, but it is worth to decide on it, because it looks very impressive. In a very rustic arrangement, in which natural materials dominate and wood dominates, a great choice of lighting will be a wooden  wagon wheel chandelier or a stylish wooden wagon  half-wheel wall ligts.

However, a well-chosen lamp for rustic or industrial design is not all. The real challenge is electric wires and cables. Most of them have a modern, contemporary look that argue with the concept of the whole interior. We also have a solution to resolve that problem: in our offer you can find retro cables, characterized by a classic look and varied colors. The real hit are our electric cables with a colored braid or jute cable, which fits perfectly not only retro style interiors, but also in the modern edition of the eco-style arrangement.

Taking care of all the details of successful interior design in old-fashioned climates, we offer you a retro bulb holder. The bulb holder with a chain switch is a great finish for an industrial arrangement, and antiqued bulb holders in gold, silver, brown or black can be easily adapted to any interior design, not just in a rustic style. Just a ceiling lamp holder with a properly old-fashioned design and we have all the rustic electrical accessories needed to get the right lighting in vintage interiors. It is worth bearing in mind that even simple  bit such as an electric cable, wall light or a bulb holder can have a huge impact on the final effect that can be achieved in a given interior. If we put a lot of effort and also heart and soul in creating unique interiors in the climate of past centuries style, it is worth make sure that modern details do not destroy our hard work.