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Door knockers

Door knockers available in our online store offer a wide variety of options. Their traditional and decorative forms will allow for the perfect fit of a door knocker. Beautiful and robust made in this easy to use, solid product made of high quality steel will highlight the unmistakable ambience of many interiors and arrangements based on the rustic style. Door knobs have been known for many years as functional accessories and decorative items.



The entrance doors to the building perform several roles at the same time: they defend access to the interior of the house, they complement the arrangement of the façade of the building and are a preview of what we can meet behind them. Just after selecting the material from which the door was made, their colours and stylish accessories in the form of a door handle or other elements, you can expect how the interior of the house is arranged.Currently, the most frequently chosen type of external doors are wooden doors, fitting in the style of modern, industrial, eco, Scandinavian, classic and retro houses. Stylized decorative door handles and original door knockers fit perfectly into such doors. Stylish door knockers invite you to magical interiors in a retro style, they move us to the past, in which the equipment had to be very functional, natural, but also stunning craftsmanship and its uniqueness.

Door knockers are certainly an element of equipment that will surprise visitors and attract their attention. Solid, made of the highest quality steel or cast iron knocker is a great and practical complement to the door, especially those solid wooden. The door knocker fits beautifully in the style of rustic, retro and industrial interiors. He can delight in the simplicity and timelessness of his form or elaborate ornamentation, which topics usually refer to the world of fauna and flora or to mythological figures. Undoubtedly, it is an extraordinary element. A surprising door knocker in the shape of a hand, or a decorative rustic knocker in the form of a braided rope will make entering the house unique and memorable.Regardless of whether we choose a richly decorated, very decorative door knocker, or one maintained in a minimalistic style, we will gain beautiful and durable equipment - provided that we decide on good quality door fittings made of high quality steel.The door knockers offered by us were made by hand, with attention to every detail. As a work of human hands, they constitute the quintessence of craft art and unique equipment for every home, the arrangement of which fits in the rustic and retro style. Charm and authenticity adds a delicate patina to our rattles, which the door fittings will cover after a certain time in a humid environment.In addition to the fact that the door knocker is a very stylish element, beautifully decorating exterior doors, one must remember that this type of door accessories is also a very practical equipment. The sound of the door knocker tapping on the natural wooden planks from which the door was made, is loud enough to be heard inside the house, and at the same time much more discreet than the sharp sound of a bell or intercom.

For this reason, very often families with small chiles decide on door jambs, a subtle clatter of knockers will certainly not wake a baby from sleep. The traditional door knocker is also a salvation for residents in a situation where, for example, a power failure occurs and a classic electric bell will not work. Therefore, it is worth fitting it not only in place of a bell but additionally as a supplement to it.It must be remembered that a stylish rustic door knock should be complemented with door fittings in a style adapted to it. A modern door handle and modern-looking door hinges will not visually match the classic wood doors, but will also take away the charm of the door knocker, making it a grotesque element and detached from reality. However, if you choose aged door hinges and a rustic door handle in the traditional form, or a stylish retro door knob, the whole set will be a beautiful and authentic retro arrangement. The whole settings can be supplemented with a beautiful, practical and increasing safety of the family's rustic bolt for the door. An additional advantage of door knockers and other decorative, rustic door fittings is that they are a timeless equipment that will never cease to be fashionable. Therefore, we invest in elements that, not only because of their above-average durability, can serve us for many years, adding splendor to the appearance of our external doors.