In old style


Beautiful, practical objects will wonderfully accentuate the atmosphere of old times, prevailing in rustic and retro interiors. Tasteful and durable combination of traditional materials: wood and metal, and beautiful and timeless decorative accessories made from cast iron is an excellent choice for arrangements maintained in the vintage. Stylish rustic candlesticks, cast iron soap dish, solid metal lamp holder or decorative metal basket on wheels are interesting proposals, complementing the arrangement, but also a great idea for an original Christmas gift or birthday gift.

Retro decorations for the home will be loved by everyone who apart from the original design, also appreciates the practical side of decorative objects. In a rustic style there is no place for unnecessary trinkets, here everything is useful and needed.



Old-style decorations - a beautiful and practical complement for retro arrangement.

When arranging a house or an apartment, we try to match all the equipment elements to create a stylistically harmonious space.That is why we have created a decorative category for you, where you can find unique, original decorative accessories in a retro style. Rustic decorations have it that apart from the beautiful appearance and solidity of the workmanship, they are very practical subjects. A metal basket on wheels will be perfect as a newspaper or a container for extra pillows and blankets, a steel candlestick will work as a subtle, romantic room lighting, and rustic pot holders securely and reliably hold flower pots in place. Rustic style decorations are made reliably, with excellent quality materials. The offer includes gadgets made of cast iron, or a timeless and tasteful combination of metal and wood.

Rustic decorations for the house are primarily characterized by simplicity (but in its original layout), usability, reliability and solidity of workmanship. Most decorative gadgets are items handmade according to centuries-old recipes by experienced craftsmen inheriting knowledge and traditions passed down from generation to generation. Each object - whether it is an elaborately decorated cast iron soap dish, or a rustic plateau, or eye-catching decorative vases with saucers - is created with attention to all details. The decorative accessories we offer have been made in such way that they resemble elements of equipment from several centuries ago, at the same time meeting the functional requirements of the modern world. Original and enchanting with traditional, antique  design elements of interior design is not only a great decoration for home arrangement. It is also a great addition to the retro style restaurant decoration, which work perfectly when organizing a rustic wedding reception - and this style of party arrangements is now extremely popular. Consider buying a retro decoration as a Christmas or birthday gift or wedding gift. Stylish items with a unique character, made by hand with the highest quality materials is a great idea for giving loved ones something special. Every lover of retro style will be delighted with a gadget that will complement the interior design and emphasize the atmosphere prevailing in them. The old-style wall map of the world will be graced by every vintage cabinet, a cast-iron wine corkscrew and a hanging or wall decorative candlestick/candle holder will give a unique atmosphere to romantic meetings or meetings among friends.