In old style


Wooden countertops guarantee durability, top quality and natural beauty. Outstanding drawing and natural shades of wood will make our countertops an excellent decoration of the living room, kitchen, workshop or bathroom. Their carefully selected types of wood have been used to increase the resistance to long-term use, temperature and moisture.

This everlasting material become a unique character and will penetrate the most beautiful - the atmosphere of family home.



The custom made wooden dining table or dining room is a way to create an original interior that will delight the guests. We offer a wide selection of wooden countertops that will emphasize the beauty of your apartment. In our shop you will also find separately sold table legs, so you will have the opportunity to independently produce a fashionable industrial table or desk, which you can admire in the interior magazines and design flats. You can also create benches, stools, coffee tables, bedside tables, game consoles and many other furniture with the help of a wooden countertop and interesting legs.

In addition to the aesthetic value, the wooden table top, kitchen furniture or desk provides long-term use and introduces a unique atmosphere to the apartment. It is worth mentioning that the wooden countertops offered in the shop are a guarantee of uniqueness, because each was made of wood, with the original layout of knots and lovely cracks. So we can say that the tables offered by our shop have created nature itself, and we have given them only useful value.

We offer the purchase of hardwood oak, Naturwood, Antique, Romanteka and Rustwood. Each type of wooden countertop represents a slightly different style that makes it possible to make tables and desks in retro, rustic and industrial environments. Our countertops work in a way that makes our customers comfortable.

All wooden tops offered are equally straight-edged lateral edges, various grain and natural discoloration giving the wood its unique character and original texture (knots and cracking). In addition, we have added antique tops and ornamental inserts and dovetails, as well as reinforcing and decorative strips placed on both edges of the countertop. Rustwood wooden tops are uneven, natural lateral edges and decorative inserts.

Importantly, our wooden countertops are delivered to you in raw condition, so everyone can match both the color and the finish to their own interior and individual needs. Waxes, oils and varnishes can be used. These are products obtained by means of strict selection, because only few boards are used to make the countertops. Nothing will replace a beautiful, natural wood table that is properly impregnated and regularly maintained will serve us for many years.