In old style


The chests presented in our collection are an innovative look at traditional furniture, preserving their classic character. Unique desing, great materials - wood and steel, as well as stability and durability will make you delighted with them. A practical chest of drawers with an original appearance, maintained in an industrial style, perfectly blends in with the arrangement of a loft or even a rustic interior. Thanks to the classic method of wood and metal processing, our dressers are characterized by their uniqueness and resistance to damage. Great design and their functionality will ensure the unique style and atmosphere you are looking for inside your apartment.



Industrial furniture is currently one of the most popular trends among architects dealing with interior design. The unique combination of two completely different materials - wood and metal - is a design solution that has been gaining more and more fans.

Wood is one of the oldest materials that a man has processed and used for his own purposes. This timeless classic is a reference to nature, unique atmosphere and warmth, which are so desirable in any interior design. Steel  is a material characteristic of modernity. Durable, resistant to damage, raw and seemingly cool, but with great machining and shaping possibilities - these are features that make us appreciate the use of metal components in the furniture design process. The combination of wood and metal guarantees a unique effect, both visual and functional. Industrial-style furniture is characterized not only by a designer look, but also by surprising functionality and durability, which perfectly suits our modern needs.

Particularly noteworthy are chest of drawers in the industrial style presented by us, which were made of natural wood and steel, which are the main determinants of this style. A wooden chest of drawers, whose fronts and fittings were partly made of gently stained, studded metal, perfectly fill the interior in a loft or industrial style. This is a piece of furniture that finds its application both in the living room, as well as in the bedroom or even in the office, giving the interior a unique character. By combining the drawers with the shelves hidden behind the door, you gain the right space to store and segregate many items. The chest of drawers in the industrial style, and in particular its top with a natural wood design combined with a metal accessories, is the perfect place to set an additional source of light in the form of an interestingly designed lamp. In this way, as light is an essential element of the industrial and loft style, you not only get an interesting decorative element, but also emphasize the original look of the furniture.

Interior design maintained in loft style, industrial, and even vintage or rustic is really easy and trouble-free, although many people do not dare to take this step, for fear of improper arrangement of available space. An important element of the furniture sought is also the effect of aging and their "wear", i.e. visible signs of use - this allows to emphasize their appearance and character. The problem, however, is to find furniture that, despite the visible passage of time, still guarantees stability and functionality. Therefore, in our projects, we rely only on new furniture, which is suitably stylized and adapted to meet all expectations. Manual aging of wood, or creating furniture elements based on recycled wood, using different shades of steel,make each chest of drawers unique

Industrial commodes, combined with other furniture in this style, such as shelves , TV cabinets or tables , complemented by suitably matched lighting , whose role is extremely important, will create a wonderful, loft interior. Wooden and steel furniture is a solution for anyone who appreciates a unique mood, designer designs, and convenience and practicality. These are not just ornaments, which handmade details have beautifully decorate the interior - created by us and presented here furniture is fully functional and durable.