In old style


The shelf units that we offer are a noble combination of two raw materials with centuries-old tradition: wood and steel. Distinguished design and superior durability make these furniture gain more and more customers. The original industrial-style bookcase will perfectly complement the loft interior, and the aged shelf racking with the rusted steel legs is a dream piece for vintage or rustic style interior. Classic methods of hand-made wood and metal guarantee care for every detail. The precision of the presented shelf units is original appearance and great durability. Wooden shelves with metal legs are perfect for pantries, home-made bookcases, wine cellars and all climatic, fashionable interiors!



Furniture combining wood and metal is now one of the biggest hits in interior design. Steel is seen as an icon of civilization progression, and at the same time it is extremely durable, resistant to damage and unmatched even under heavy loads. Wood is a noble, timeless classic, bowing to the world of nature and tribute to tradition. By purchasing industrial and vintage furniture made of wood and steel, you get the original, beautiful and durable furnishings of your home or restaurant. Particular attention should be paid to wooden shelves with steel legs. These are extremely functional furniture, and we can easily adapt them to our specific needs. Thanks to the care and quality of the materials used, the shelves offered by us can withstand a really heavy load. They can be safely used in pantries, wine cellars, home offices and libraries.

Industrial styles and vintage arrangements are becoming increasingly popular. However, many people find it difficult to find the right furniture: old, with clear signs of use, but in good condition, solid and reliable. The cure for this type of anxiety is the purchase of new furniture, stylized on copies from many years ago. We recommend you to note the shelves made of recycled wood. Carefully selected boards from transport pallets have been properly processed and used for furniture production. Wood is heterogeneous, has many traces of nails and cracks, which adds shelves of charm and authenticity. Each rack of our offer has its own history and is the only, unique copy. The effect of old but reliable furniture reinforces the use of steel construction. Metal legs and wheels make wooden bookshelves very practical and fully compatible with industrial aesthetics. Another way to buy new-old furniture is to choose vintage styled items through special wood aging. The OLD has, for example, solid shelves made of solid wood, and clear dents and cracks are supposed to pretend nail deformation and the result of intensive use. As the aged bookshelf seemed to be even more old, the steel legs were painted in such a way that they resembled a rusted construction.

Industrial furniture is simple to build, versatile design that can be used in many different arrangements, but the ideal environment for them are loft interiors. The rustic shelves, combined with the appropriate climate sliding door system , the right retro lighting and the matching other fittings, give an amazing, unique mood in the interior. Wood and steel furniture is a solution for people who value originality and at the same time - functionality. An industrial bookcase, whether it is a large wooden bookcase or a small bookcase on wheels, is worth adding to other furniture in the same style. We recommend the models of our offer: avant-garde bar stools , rustic wooden chairs, wooden table with metal legs, stylish old - fashioned wooden TV cabinet - this is a beautiful, original furniture, thanks to which you can furnish almost the whole apartment. Such furnishings will make the interiors beautiful, stylish and very comfortable to use. The industrial furniture that we offer is also an interesting alternative for catering establishments that wish to stand out from the competition. The highest quality of materials used and unique design add to the prestige of every restaurant. A wooden shelf with metal legs is a piece of furniture that will not only serve to store spare products, but at the same time - will become a decorative element, part of the decor, creating the character of the room.