Sliding doors are very popular and we are more and more willing to exchange the traditional model for sliding one , which is considered more stylish. The sliding doors not only fulfills the function of the door but also decorates the interior. The possibility of choosing a door pattern makes it easy to choose a model for space design.  However, apart from the desire to have beautiful doors that separate individual spaces from each other, it is also extremely important to prepare the interior for their assembly. Check out the list of most important issues, or simply ask us for advice.

How do you choose the door dimension to the door opening?

When planning the installation of sliding doors, the most important thing is to measure the door recess/ door opening in such a way that the chosen model not only completely covers it but also gently overlaps the wall, creating a perfect surface in terms of design.  Fortunately, the dimensions of the door opening have been standardized and the choice has become simpler.  The average dimension of the recess/ door opening for the door in the apartment is approximately 92 cm in width and 205 cm in height. Our Standard Size doors are 100x210 cm, which allows them to fit perfectly into the recess/ door opening. In a situation where the recess has non-standard dimensions, it is worth to order then as made to measure. It is worth following the rule that says that well-chosen doors should protrude min. 5 cm outside the hole on each side. Then the chosen model will not only be functional, but also the appropriate aesthetics, on which we care so much.

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What sliding doors guides should you choose ?

The guides, in the case of sliding doors, are what hinges are for a traditional door model. Therefore, it should be selected with such attention to detail with which we choose the ideal model of the door. The guides from our range are not only adapted to the models of sliding doors available at our company, but also guarantee stability and decorate the interior. The guide rails we offer are designed for wall mounting, they allow the door to overlap the wall, not hiding them in the door opening.

Of course, there is a real chance to mount our guide rails inside the cavity, however, due to their decorative and ornamental character, we recommend wall mounting. If, however, the host of the house stated that he necessarily wants to hide them, it would be a good idea to establish this issue with the installation contractor earlier, at the planning stage.  In this case of  using our guides, the gap inside the wall should be at least 10 cm wide, and the height of the gap above the door about 16-20 cm.

A set of sliding door guides consists of a running rail, mounting screws, assembly wheels and a bottom guide. Such a set allows for safe and solid mounting of the selected door model. The most popular are sliding door guides in the loft style, whichfits perfectly with wooden, rustic sliding doors. Of course, all of our guides fit all door models from the Rustic Handle range. Bearing in mind the guides, it is worth mentioning the bottom guide. We distinguish two types of door guides: U-shaped and T-shaped. U-type guide fits perfectly to steel doors and doors in a metal frame. The T-type guide is ideally suited for door models where it is possible to make a bottom cut/ adjustment  so it works well with other wooden models.

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How air thigh are the sliding doors?

It should be remembered that sliding doors do not fulfill the functions of entrance and exterior doors, they are internal models separating individual rooms from each other. The distance from the wall in the case of a 4 cm thick door is approx. 1 cm, with a door thickness of 3.5 cm - a distance is about 1.5 cm. Such a gap guarantees soundproofing of the room, but not its complete silencing. That is why these doors function mainly as decorative doors and constitute a golden mean between traditional hinged doors and their lack.

Is it possible to install a lock on the sliding door?

As already mentioned, the sliding door does not constitute an external door, therefore there is no need to use a lock. Not every design allows also for their assembly and not always the door lock fits stylistically to the character of the furniture. In a situation where the owner of such a door sees the need to mount the lock, interference in the structure of the door is indispensable. However, the door can be equipped with an element that will prevent them from opening and will allow them to cut off from what is happening behind them. This is especially important when we decide to have sliding doors in the bathroom or bedroom. Then you can decide on a stylish door hook.

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What handles match sliding doors?

Sliding doors do not have handles or holders. Their use is possible without them, but for convenience it is recommended to use door knob that allow more efficient movement of the door. When it comes to choosing a model - full freedom. You can choose both dedicated door knob  or furniture knob. In the case of door knob, it is worth choosing a slightly larger and stylistically matching door. The know will not only open the door, but will also be a decoration. So there is a lot to choose from!

Looking at the beautiful interior stylizations with sliding doors and various models: rustic sliding doors, steel or chalk board, it is worth creating a unique space and enjoying not only its functionality, but also a unique atmosphere.

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