In many contemporary houses and apartaments we can find partition walls made of plasterboard/ dry wall. Such a solution is relatively cheap, simple and convenient to implement, because if during the renovation we modify the layout of the fat, putting this type of walls takes much less time than building a traditional masonry wall. The problem arises at the moment when re-arranging the interiors, we will plan a fashionable and functional solution such as sliding doors. Can such a system be mounted to the plasterboard wall?

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Different types of sliding door systems

Before we answer the question whether you can mount a sliding door system to the plasterboard wall, it is worth paying attention to the fact that sliding systems can be assembled in various ways. We distinguish three popular sliding door systems, these are:

- wall sliding system – the rail is mounted on the wall above the door opening, and the door, when we move it, moves next to the door opening - SEE PRODUCTS

- sliding system hidden in the wall –  in contrast to the earlier model, in this system the door does not remain visible at all the time, but are hidden in a special recess in the wall;

- sliding system mounted to the ceiling –  if the execution of the previously mentioned systems is impossible or does not meet the expectations, it is possible to mount the sliding door to the ceiling.

Answering the question in the title of the article: sliding door system can be mounted to the plasterboard wall/ dry wall, but to make it possible, certain conditions must be met. First of all, you need to make sure that the design is dedicated to the plasterboard wall. Next, the order of the work performed should be considered and the possibilities of a particular wall and a particular layout of the apartment should be assessed. What exactly should you pay attention to? About this below.

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On the wall sliding doors system, installation on the plasterboard wall

Sliding system, in which the door moves along to the wall, is the most popular, due to the fact that its assembly is the easiest and does not set too many requirements.  In addition, it is worth noting that currently most sliding door systems perform not only purely practical functions but also a decorative role. When this happens, both the door itself and all other elements of the system are made to represent a specific style in interior design. If sliding doors are a beautiful home decoration and complement the interior design, it is not worth hiding them! Let beautiful wooden sliding doors in a rustic, industrial or modern style be a constant element of the equipment, adding flavor to the interior!

Wall sliding door system can be mounted to the plasterboard  wall , but such a solution will be a bit more challenging than in the case of mounting them to a brick wall. Why? The sliding door system  could overload the structure of the light wall, therefore, before installing the door  and guides, the dry  wall should be reinforced accordingly. Ideally, if you think about a sliding system before erection of the partition wall. Then it is enough to reinforce the wall with a U-beam or a wooden beam to which we attach the sliding system. In the case of a C-profile, it would be necessary to purchase appropriate wall plugs for plasterboard, wood pins are included with our guides.

Dry wall and sliding doors hidden in the wal

The second popular sliding door system is the one in which the door completely hides in the wall after opening. Such a system requires the installation of a so-called pocket in the wall and many people assume in advance that in the case of plasterboard wall such a solution is not at all an option. Nothing more wrong! There are special systems with cassettes dedicated to plasterboard walls. It is most convenient to plan the assembly of the system before erection of partition walls.  For this type of walls cassette  are made of aluminum bent profiles or stainless steel. The cassette is permanently connected to a special frame, which must be mounted in the door opening. Because plasterboard walls comes  in different thickness, when  purchasing a sliding door system you should pay attention to this - the thickness of the cassettes is adjusted to the individual wall types/ thickness.

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And what if the walls are already standing ...?

It often happens that when the decision to install a sliding door system is made, the dry wall is already standing. Then what?  Also in such a situation, the possibility of installing the system is not completely lost, however, in order for the sliding door to be on the chosen wall and in a correct and safe way to fulfill its functions, a little more preparatory work must be carried out. The easiest way is to prepare a system in which the door hides behind an additional wall. The door  is then clad with additional plasterboard panels. This solution will work in every case, when we think about the sliding door system  after the erection of the walls  – or with masonry walls

In another case, when the walls are already standing and we want to mount a sliding door system anyway, it is a good solution to mount such a system to the ceiling on ceiling mounts. We offer ceiling mounts for individual doors and a ceiling bracket for double doors overlapping with each other as well as passing by.  

Another solution may be to use a wooden or metal slat on both sides of the door opening which will serve as a support frame for the sliding door system. When fitting  the sliding door to the plasterboard wall, always consider the weight of the door itself, so that it does not turn out that during use of the door the wall starts to breake from  the excess load.

In the case when the plasterboard has been used to only align the masonry wall, the assembly of the sliding door system will be quite simple, just remember to use slightly longer mounting screws so that they anchor firmly in the wall. 

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Is it worth it?

You may wonder whether it is worth asking yourself the trouble of fitting the sliding door system to the wall with plasterboard. Is it better to give up this idea and insert a traditional door or leave a fashionable, open space?  Well, sliding door system is a solution that is always worth considering, both for functional reasons and for the aforementioned decorative role. Today it is difficult to imagine a stylish rustic, vintage or loft interior without a beautiful, antiquated sliding door. It is worth betting on something that - in addition to great stylization and the desired privacy - will allow us to optimally use the space of the apartment and what will become a safe alternative to traditional doors when there are small children in the house. Undertaking the challenges that can sometimes be made by installing a sliding door system with dry wall , is a task that will bring us tangible benefits! And if the installation turns out to be impossible or too difficult , it is always worth remembering the possibility of installing a sliding door system to the ceiling! It's equally effective, beautiful and practical solution.