In old style


Rustic interiors in recent times have gained enormous popularity. Their untypical character delights every climate admirer of the arrangement of the premises. The hooks we offer are one of the necessary accessories in every home. Its functional use allows for seamless organization of the space in each hall. Hanger hooks can also be used in bathrooms and kitchens as a perfect place to hang towels or towels and other textile materials.



When decorating home interiors, it is worth using the decorative potential of everyday objects, making the arrangement even more beautiful and more elaborate. Rustic style hanger hooks are an example of equipment that has a very practical function in every room, and at the same time it delights with its originality and charm.Although all our hooks have been made of traditional materials, according to centuries-old craft recipes handed down from generation to generation, these are not accessories designed exclusively for rustic interiors.The assortment of suspension hooks is very diverse, both in terms of the material used, as well as the color, technique, size, functionality and degree of decorativeness. And so: lovers of interiors in the idyllic atmosphere of a rustic cottage will be delighted with simple hanging hooks, small but exceptionally solid.In this arrangement, a hanger hook in a traditional shape will be perfect. Desiring to diversify the interior with a few details of original design, you can also not give up modest and full of traditional equipment. For a rustic, casual will match the horseshoe hanger hook or heart hook forged.It is a simple design, typical of rural folklore from the past. More demanding, putting retro interiors, but showing the elegance and refinement of historic mansions, will certainly be stunned by the diversity of decorative forms in our offer of retro hooks. Particularly noteworthy are the hooks that draw the design from the natural world.

Heron hook hanger or snake-shaped hook are elements that will not go unnoticed. They decorate every interior perfectly, without losing any of their functionality. Among the animal motifs, an interesting hook pattern is also the elephant hook hanger - this in turn will be the perfect choice for a room arranged in a colonial style.For interiors in the style of shabby chic, glamor with classic elements or rooms decorated in eclectic style, we recommend hooks with decorative ceramic knobs. They present themselves really sophisticated! Among the hanger hooks offered by us, you can also find very bold proposals.A perfect example is the butcher hook, modeled on authentic hooks used in slaughterhouses and industrial plants. This unique gadget, striking simplicity, solidity of workmanship and strong character is just a dream addition to the interior in the industrial style. It will also be great in a climatic arrangement, a rustic pantry.It can be used at home or in a home smokehouse. For more modernyou can also choose something suitable - after all, metal is still one of the most universal and fashionable raw materialsinteriors. By combining our unique hooks with glass or wood, you will gain a unique, ultra-modern combination.

Hanger hooks are quite inconspicuous pieces of equipment, but you must admit that their lack would prove to be troublesome many times. We can install them in the hallway, thus gaining additional space for storing outerwear, bags, umbrellas, etc., but also necessary in the kitchen or bathroom. They are especially useful when you need a place to store towels, wipes and other textiles.

The damp material is not suitable for keeping in the cabinet, especially when we have wooden furniture, which is why hooked hangers are very practical accessories located in an easily accessible place. A separate category consists of distance hanger hooks - thanks to the fact that they move the things hanging from them away from the wall, they are perfect - because they are comfortable and safe - for hanging stylish candlesticks, charming lanterns or pot flowers on them.You do not need to worry that the items hanged on the hook will get the wall dirty or cause some danger, such as a house fire. Equally practical is the ceiling hook, thanks to which we can mount, for example, a ceiling lamp or a potted flower in a stable, reliable and reliable manner.Beautiful, solidly made, original and reliable hook hanger is equipment, which is worth enriching any arrangement - and not a single art! Rustic hooks in a variety of versions will be a beautiful and functional complement to rustic furniture fittings, original furniture handles and door and window handles, as well as all other equipment in an old, traditional, unique style.