In old style

Shelving brackets

Solidly made shelves brackets guarantee a trouble-free and safe storage of many personal items. Simple fitting and the ability to choose among many interesting models will allow you to complete beautiful and stylish accessories that will enrich the decor of any interior. Characteristic antiqued elements in the form of shelf brackets allow you to create an original arrangement, which will also allow for functional furnishing of a given space in an undoubtedly effective and safe way.



With the help of an ordinary wooden shelf and decorated brackets in a retro style, you can create a wonderful element of interior design, which will be a real handicraft. For those who dream of decorating shelves with rustic or loft brackets and creating a unique interior climate, we recommend to choose from our excellent hand-made shelves brackets.

Our offer is a wide selection of various types of brackets maintained in old retro vintage climates, as well as a loft or industrial style. The brackets are solidly made and durable - they will easily hold different types of weights on the shelves depending on their load capacity and the weight of the items. For example, larger brackets can easily hold a whole shelf of heavy books, and small brackets will work well on small shelves where we like to keep knick knacks or decorative cups. Our shelf brackets are easy to attach to shelves and to the wall. A wide selection of models and designs makes it possible to match them to many different interior designs. Brackets are deliberately aged, but please don't  forget that they are new and made in the 21st century - thanks to this, customers can be sure that they will fulfill their function, be safe and durable.