In old style

Traditional candlesticks

Candlesticks are reliable, traditional, original and unique forms of lighting used by ancestors. In our online store you will find original and effective solutions that allow for the practical and safe use of forged candlesticks . Easy operation and durability make each of the proposed candlesticks/candle holder an indispensable accessory in many homes. Simple shapes accentuate rustic inspiration, which nowadays returns to grace and enjoys great popularity among many of our customers. We offer portable candle holders and easy wall fitting.



Traditional retro candle holders are a great idea to introduce some magical and cozy atmosphere into the interior. We offer you high quality traditional candles made by traditional methods. Products come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. With candles it is easier to create a romantic atmosphere. It is worth mentioning that candles are a traditional form of luminaire for interior lighting used for hundreds of years. By placing such rustic candle holders in the living room, bedroom or dining room in the restaurant you will make the right mood, which will certainly impress the guests. At the shop  you will find original hand-forged candles, which are extremely easy to use. Their additional strengths are functionality and durability (made of strong materials such as steel and cast iron). Traditional candles in our shop will emphasize the atmosphere in the interiors decorated in the atmosphere of retro, medieval, vintage or Victorian. Such decoration fits into the lobby, bedroom, living room, dining room. Simple shapes emphasize rustic inspiration, which nowadays returns to grace and enjoys great popularity among many of our customers. You can find traditional candle holders, large wooden candle holders for many candles and models that can be easily mounted on the wall. Also available are hand-forged candle holders in the shape of a heart (glass bubble), table round candle, forged candlesticks in the shape of arrows, candlesticks with studs for threading, candlesticks with handle and others. Traditional hand-made candlesticks are made from the highest quality steel, making them not only look like antiques but also unique. Such a detail as traditionally carved candlestick will beautifully emphasize the mood of retro decor at home or at other premises. Guests will appreciate the efforts of the old-fashioned interior. The traditional candles we offer are in a trendy rustic style for several seasons, which refers to the idyllic nature of the countryside, the old Polish manor houses, as well as Victorian houses and generally retro style.