In old style

Paper holders

The characteristic features of typical rustic interiors are beautiful and stylish accessories made of aged steel and metal. Their unusual and charming decorations, as well as shapes allow to enrich the arrangement of a given room. Our paper holders are a fairly original solution that will work well in retro bathrooms. Functional and easy-to-assemble paper holders will please lovers of solid, unique and original accessories, guaranteeing trouble-free use. Handles for toilet paper and paper towels



In our shop you will find not only wooden tops and rustic furniture accessories, but also original antique toilet paper holders / paper towels matching to bathrooms and kitchen arranged in retro style. Finding the right handle in an old style can be difficult for people who have decided to decorate their home or guest house in vintage style. Now you don't need to look anywhere else - we present stylish and beautiful toilet paper holders that delight in craftsmanship and elegant finish.

Beautiful and stylish rustic interiors, including kitchens, bathrooms and toilets can be achieved with wooden furniture, steel elements and accessories made of old-fashioned steel and metal. Their exquisite decor and subtle shapes emphasize the retro arrangement. The toilet paper holders / paper towels offered in our shop are functional and easy to install. We make them from solid materials such as steel and cast iron, so they retain the look and functionality that are going to last you many years. Paper holders will please lovers of solid, unique and original accessories, guaranteeing trouble-free use.

In the category "rustic paper holders" you will find spiral-shaped, English, industrial, rural, Victorian and medieval styles. Handles have drilled mounting holes and screws in the set. They are suitable for mounting on the walls and  wooden surfaces. These old paper holders significantly enhance the aesthetic qualities of any bathroom. We recommend them especially for those who run hotels, guesthouses, restaurants or taverns arranged in retro style. The selected details of the "epoch" will surely be appreciated by guests.

In the rustic paper holders collection you will find models such as the "railroad" handle with emblem referring to the era of the steam engines and irons, the "Australian" handle equipped with a central element decorated with decorative motifs referring to the classic Australian designs, as well as toilet paper holder richly Decorated in Victorian style. These handles can also be used to hang clothes in the kitchen - the possibilities are really great and we encourage creative use of our rustic furniture accessories.