In old style

Grip handles

Handles are the most popular furniture accessories. Their functional form makes it possible to use both the chest of drawers, and even doors. Stylish and rustic handles with original decorations and shapes will delight in ease of installation, usability and durability. Solid handles will work perfectly in combination with rustic and retro furniture. A wide selection of beautiful designs will make it easy to complete the necessary furniture accessories.



For those who love the rustic style of our furniture accessories, we offer stylish and solid furniture handles . These are items used to mount drawers and cabinets to the front. They are functional and in themselves constitute an excellent furniture decoration , especially wooden made in old style. So if you are a craftsman selling old furniture, we encourage you to buy furniture handles just from us. We have a range of specially-aged products to match the retro, vintage, shabby chic interiors. Rustic decorations and furniture accessories are details that can work wonders and beautifully emphasize the rustic atmosphere in the room. Retailers will love the look and feel of the retro interior design.

Rustic furniture handles can be attached to the chest of drawers, cabinets and even doors (they are solid). Our stylish handles are decorated with intricate ornaments. They are also very easy to install, useful and very durable. It's 100% hand-made (castings of iron, steel and hand forging). A wide selection of beautiful designs will make it easy to complete the necessary furniture accessories.

Our hand grips offer a wide range of accessories with rich design and wide choice of size and shape. The handles Catalogue is very big - furniture handles in retro style , vintage, shabby chic, as well as in rustic,or rural style. We offer knockers, furniture handles (padlock type), and even the pirate flag type. Furniture knockers, thanks to filigree bases, can be mounted in any orientation.

The offer includes both simple and rich furniture handles and those heavily aged (with rust effect): eg swan neck handle, rectangular handle, T-handle, blade handle, bar handle, trapezoid handle or icicle handle . Handles offered in the shop have different colors - such as black, grey or patinated. Thanks to that everyone will be able to buy these beautiful old furniture handles in the style that he likes.