In old style

Shell type pull handles

Shell type pull handles for drawers are proven solutions, used especially by the supporters of the interior design in retro style . Made from the highest quality steel shells available in our offer is the opportunity to complete the necessary furniture accessories . Rugged handles with distinctive rustic decorations will please all admirers of uniqueness, originality and undoubted style, while surprising their functional and attractive price.



Shell type pull handles are very popular decorative elements that will appeal to retro style lovers. These are classic examples of rustic furniture accessories that allow for a harmonious atmosphere of retro-styled living spaces. For example, they complement the arrangement of the kitchen or bathroom in Provence or French style. Thanks to them the furniture looks older and the whole room is more cozy. The shells are made of high quality steel and cast iron. allows you to complete the necessary furniture accessories for kitchen, bathroom, pantry or living room.

The shells are very durable and feature distinctive rustic decorations that delight the admirer of old vintage retro style. They are unique, handmade and have a very stylish look. They are functional, comfortable for the touch, and at the same time - affordable and simply beautiful. Such shells will be useful if you want to renovate your old dresser, chest of drawers, cabinet or closet. On the Internet and on our website you can find a lot of inspirations related to the use of shell type pull handles in the decor and interior design.

The shells in our shop are not only smooth but also decorated in a fine detail, where every detail is elaborated. Such decorative shell type pull handles are made of cast iron with excellent precision movements while decorating its body. Handles are then subjected to aging and impregnation processes, which assure comfortable use and durability of each element.

We offer you smooth, semicircular, as well as intricately decorated, rectangular, multi-size and made of metal of different shades. Each handle has drilled holes, and set of screws that match the handle, so after receiving the shipment from us, the shell type pull handle is ready to be mounted. Especially for our Customers we have also launched the possibility of ordering handles with any inscription at wholesale order for at least 500 items. We can cast handles with any company logo or pattern / coat.