In old style

Box, chest fittings

Box and box fittings are extremely functional solutions that allow for proper protection of the furniture and at the same time to make the look more attractive. The buckles available in our offer are original and functional solutions that will guarantee safe and trouble-free closing of boxes or trunks. Rustic corners made from steel and bronze are the perfect solution for the protection of the corners of cabinets, chests and even tables in rustic character.



Offered in box fittings and boxes are ideal for rustic, retro and industrial interiors. These are very practical accessories to effectively protect boxes, trunks and furniture from damage. In addition, they are a great adornment in the vintage, which complements the look of the whole furniture, and thus - the whole room.

We offer you original and functional fittings and buckles to ensure safe and trouble-free closing of boxes or trunks. Rustic corners are made of steel and bronze, so they provide excellent protection for the corners of cabinets, chests, and even tables of wood and other materials. Available in the shop corners and other fittings were made with a classic technique using high quality steel, deliberately aged at the last stage of the creation process.

In the category of "box fittings" we offer a wide selection of furniture accessories, such as buckles, staples with staples, flat and three-dimensional corner corners (eg gothic corners, corner corners), ribbons for boxes and trunks, rustic locks for trunks, trunk legs, box hinges and chains to the chest. These accessories will be decorated in old style, for example rustic, medieval, Victorian or manly style.

Decoration of furniture, boxes and trunks with such rustic furniture fittings allows you to freely decorate the space around us. Remember that the details are very important, especially in the interiors arranged in the old style. A good eye catches too much of a modern-looking accessory, and taking care to keep the atmosphere of the interior also using the trinkets will impress the guests. Thanks to old-fashioned decorations, the rooms will be extremely atmospheric and original. This is a great way to complement the decor of a restaurant, tavern, hotel or guest house arranged in retro atmosphere.

What do we do fittings? For example, steel sheet and pressed steel, which is then subjected to aging techniques such as rust, which emphasizes their rustic character. In turn, available in our shop buckles with a skipple and locks for the chest allows you to make a self-made retro box or a chest for jewelry and decorate it according to your own fantasies. Such trunks can then be sold as handicrafts.