In old style

Nails, studs

Nails and studs available in our offer are the opportunity to decorate cabinets, chests of drawers and other rustic furniture in an unusual way . If you are looking for original solutions in the form of accessories and accessories, which in a proven and interesting way will allow you to create a beautiful interior with a rustic character - explore the wide range of our online store and choose the perfect nails and studs for yourself. Enjoy the unique and stylish interior of your home and attractive and original accessories.



Arrangements in the old style require accuracy and consistency, so you need to pay attention even to the smallest details, in order to not spoil the final effect. Even the smallest signs of modernity, by chance introduced into the interior, can take away the charm of carefully arranged arrangements in the old style.It is not said that to get a beautiful and rustic interior, you need to exchange all your equipment. Many elements can be successfully adapted to a retro arrangement. People with classic solid wood furniture can certainly try to make household appliances elder and give them more rustic features. If someone wants slightly age classic wooden furniture and give them an ancient character, it is worth to buy stylish and effective nails and studs 

It would seem that these small furniture fittings in a rustic style are not very important for the appearance of a wardrobe, table or chair, but in fact, they are the proverbial dot over and decorative flavour that attracts attention and gives stylized equipment the features of authenticity.

Rustic studs are small decorations for furniture, consisting of a mustached stem and a decorative head. The head is usually round or square. It can be flat, domed or conical and have various decorative decorations, or appear in a basic, devoid of decoration form.

The diameter of the head may be different, usually from about 10 to 40 mm in diameter. Decorative studs will beautifully decorate any wooden surface, including cabinet tops, tables, chair seats, and antique chests. Although it is a very small element, a decorative mollusk, hammer-tipped or pyramid-shaped stud will be of great importance for the final reception of a given piece of furniture. Among many original accessories in retro style, studs and nails are one of the cheapest proposals, thanks to which we can quickly and easily change any wooden piece of furniture and any old board, giving them a unique character. Hand-forged, decorative rustic nails may not only represent a beautiful and original decoration of solid wood furniture, it is also an interesting accent that holds a wall picture or other item of equipment requiring support.

In the old days, basic home furnishings consisted of wood and metal. These two raw materials still form a timeless combination, eagerly used in interior design in various styles. Wood and metal are especially worth combining in rooms furnished in a rustic, retro, industrial style. If you are not convinced by a wooden table with metal legs and we are looking for other ways to introduce steel accents, metal decorative studs will be a perfect solution. With their help in a quick and easy way, we can decorate any wooden surface. Rustic decorative accessories in the form of studs are available in steel or black in color. Thanks to this, it can be easily adapted to any old-style arrangement, without disturbing the harmony obtained in the interior with the use of other accessories and decorative elements. It only depends on us whether we want to use single studs or create a more elaborate decorative composition. It should be noted that solid, beautiful and old-style nails are not only a wonderful decoration of rustic interiors - it is also a way to strengthen wooden construction elements, or an interesting alternative to modern-looking tacks and nails from the DIY store.