In old style


A wide range of products available in our online store, including the highest quality furniture accessories is a possibility to complete beautiful and unique furniture handles, shelf brackets, hinges, studs, numbers, emblems, badges, fireplace doors, fittings, locks, bolts, and many other essential elements in a truly rustic style. Original accessories for furniture made from solid materials are a guarantee of great functionality and usability. Their decorative form and interesting character allow for perfect variety of furniture finishing, such as chests, trunks, chests of drawers, tables or cupboards. Made from pressed steel, forged by hand or made from cast iron castings, they guarantee a stylish product of experienced craftsmen.



Online store is a huge treasury of rustic furniture accessories , retro decoration, shabby chic style decorations and old-fashioned items. Our accessories are the truth of  handicraft. Even the smallest detail is handmade with care, making each accessory unique. We produce them in different types: brass castings, cast iron, hand forged items and pressed steel items. We have a huge selection of retro, old, vintage, shabby chic, industrial, loft industrial styles.

Furniture accessories in rustic style give you opportunity to decorate easily. Our offer is addressed not only to retail customers, but also to handicraftsmen, artists, carpenters and architects who are passionate about making original furniture, also in fashionable loft, industrial and of obviously retro styles. The accessories we offer have different  shapes and fine patterns, which make them useful for creating furniture, such as chests, trunks, chests of drawers, tables or cupboards and desks.

Our offer includes: hooks, steel industrial table legs, handles, knobs and furniture handles in retro style, as well as rustic lamps - wooden sconces with forged decorations, retro and loft retro lamps, retro electric wires, forged candlesticks and even rusty lenses and old-style ceiling lamps. You can place a special order for different types of castings with inscriptions, company logo or arm/shield/crest.

In our store you can buy your other rustic decorations in loft style: emblems and numbers, nails and brads, handles, knobs for windows and door knockers, wooden boxes and trunks, shell type furniture handles, screws and bolts, hinges for windows and doors latches, as well as rustic bathroom decorations - retro toilet paper holder, shelve brackets, furniture locks, latches and staples and furniture hinges. We also specialize in the manufacture of retro-style sliding door systems . We offer both wooden doors and assembly kits, including rails. Such aging sliding doors are great solution for small spaces and in tight spaces, and they support old style/retro interior.