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Door and window hinges

If you love retro accessories and accessories in our online store you will find beautiful door hinges . Each product comes with a set of screws that will give you quick and easy installation. Stylish door hinges can also be used for cabinets and interior doors in your home. Made from old-fashioned steel will give him a rustic character that will delight all the supporters of the original arrangements in a very popular recently and respected retro style.

Unusual choice of door and window hinges in retro, rustic industrial style. We invite you to get to know our offer for door hinges



Choose solid door hinges for your convenience!

The doors - as well as the outside as well as inside - open every day dozens of times. This basic element of each home allows us to separate the individual spaces from each other, providing residents with privacy and security. For the door we serve, it is necessary to use high quality door accessories. Robust handles, reliable hinges, efficient locks are the basis for comfortable use of every door.

Door hinges - why are they so important?

Door hinges - though seemingly insignificant in design - play an important role. First, they hold the door, preventing them from falling, slipping and skewing. Secondly, they allow efficient and convenient closing and opening of doors. Thirdly, they are anti-burglary, because when they are solid and properly fitted to the door, it is not easy to break them. Current trends in interior design require that door hinges, as well as other accessories and fittings for furniture and wooden constructions, have another important role to play: to be a part of interior decoration, to emphasize the beauty of the door, to harmonize with them stylistically and to emphasize the style in which Furnished apartment.

Perfect door hinges in retro style

Linking to the old days is one of the most popular trends in interior design. The retro style is very versatile, practical and has a lot of views, so everyone can find a variant for themselves. Vintage interiors are interiors full of fine tastes, details, which combined with each other resulting in a magical, atmospheric room with the spirit of the past. Door hinges are one of those things to look out for when setting up a rustic, antique interior. In theory, the hinges on the door are not particularly visible, but if modern hinges from glittering steel are combined with old wooden doors, we will certainly have a grotesque effect and a disjointed interior. In the old days the door hinges were deliberately exposed and beautifully decorated the door leaf. Today's rustic accessories shop can be found styled, hand-forged door hinges that will surely add to the raw wood of craftsmanship, elegance and exceptional character. Cast iron retro door hinges are a beautiful home decoration, and a reliable structural element of the door, which will serve the household for many years, facilitating the daily operation of the apartment.

Rustic door hinges are designed for use in sturdy, powerful doors made of natural wood. They use cast iron and high quality steel, and the finish is reminiscent of the times of the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Especially patinated surface or roughness of the finish enhance the effect of retro, and intricate decorations and decorative details will make every home make a magnate countryside! We can choose between different types of door hinges, from traditional straight hinges, starting with corner hinges.

Before you buy, think carefully!

Door hinges are not only solid and beautiful, but also functional. Before we get the corresponding hinge model, we have to analyze some very important issues. First of all, the very important issue is what door the door hinge is attached to. The thicker and heavier the door, the stronger the hinges require. The high number of doors will also be important for the number of hinges that we install. No matter whether the hinges are needed for exterior or interior doors. In the latter case, almost any door hinges will work, but in the case of external doors we must pay attention to whether the fittings are adequately impregnated and resistant to variable and unfavorable atmospheric conditions such as humidity or frost. If you do not pay attention to it, you may find that our beautiful, stylish door hinges after a few months will look just plain ugly. Let us also consider whether we want the door to open to the right or to the left - that is very important, because badly purchased hinges will prevent us from installing the door in the way we plan to do it. Choose the door hinges, the assembly of which will be quick and easy to implement, the best choice is the copies, which in the set have all the necessary assembly.