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Rustic-style furniture should be distinguished by the use of a large number of accessories that complement the original design. Our online store offers you solid and durable screws. Made from high quality castings will guarantee practical and easy use. Screws help to create an attractive retro furniture, which surprise with its functionality and unique appearance and finish.



Rustic furniture and mounting accessories are excellent addition for furniture and other structures made in retro, vintage or industrial atmosphere. They allow you to prepare the interior design in such rustic style. The details are very important for the overall impression. So if you want to have your home or apartment neatly arranged, and you wish to have a real atmosphere as in the past, not only retro furniture, but also rustic screws should be used, which you can find in our online store

Rustic bolts and screws can be used to mount wooden furniture. In this way you will emphasize their original design. The accessories available in our shop are very durable and robust. They provide durable joints because they are made from high quality castings that are practical and easy to use.

What retro screws and bolts you can find in our shop? We have for sale original, especially rusted items, which allow attractive decoration and finish of rustic furniture. Also available are rustic rail screws of various sizes and flat cross and black screws that emphasize the style of vintage furniture. Black furniture screws made of cast iron, taking care of high quality castings. Available sizes include diameter 3.5mm x length 30mm, diameter 3.5mm x 35mm length, diameter 3.5mm x 35mm length and diameter 3mm x length 20mm.

Also available is a rustic rusted screw, whose original form allows you to preserve the continuity of rustic interior design. We made it from the highest quality of cast iron, which allows you to achieve extremely consistent and solid connections of elements.

In addition to rustic screws and bolts in our shop you will also find other furniture accessories, which with you can build original furniture and elements in retro atmosphere. These include cast iron and steel table legs, furniture shells, shelf brackets, furniture hinges, furniture knobs, retro decorating kettles, door numbers, Victorian-style emblems, door knobs, retro, provencal and rural hooks , exquisite forged door handles and many other items. It is worth to pay attention that our products are hand made by traditional methods using cast iron, pressed steel, wood and ceramics.