In old style

Furniture legs

The rugged nature of the interior is an opportunity to create a  a perfect atmosphere for work and rest. If you are an enthusiast of this type of solution in our online store you will find interesting and original accessories such as legs and wheels . Used for tables or chairs made from the highest quality materials will ensure trouble-free, long and comfortable use of a given furniture, guaranteeing it's undoubted stability and unique style and character.



Do you like furniture accessories in old style? Or decorations and old objects that give the room a retro style atmosphere? In our well-stocked shop we offer not only rustic handles and furniture knobs , but also lots of other great items that are hand made using old methods! Available in the assortment include table legs , which can be attached to the countertop and hand-made table. Buying semi-finished products separately allows your imagination to create your own furniture - exactly to your needs.

With metal or steel table legs you can also arrange your own desk or the entire work area. Just mount the legs to a wooden desk to create an industrial or aging desk for work, or even a drawing table for drawing and projecting. In addition to furniture legs for desks, we also offer low foot furniture, with which we can assemble interesting looking stools, benches, coffee tables or night tables. These furniture fit perfectly into a loft style that combines metal, wood and glass.

We have a wide selection of table legs such as low and high legs X shaped, in which a thick flat bar with alternately drilled holes for easy attachment to the table, legs A type, sometimes called goat, legs, leg sets, bench with legs, double legs, steel legs with corner, and square feet for loft table.

All furniture legs are hand made using traditional methods with the support of new technologies. Thanks to that, every table leg and base is a unique and refined product in every detail. We use durable materials such as cast iron or steel. This provides exceptional durability. All legs are nicely finished and impregnated, so they last for many years.