In old style


The furniture fittings listed in this category are end-of-the-line or discontinued products.



Sale of accessories in a rustic style is a great opportunity to refresh the interior look. By following the sales tab, you can find really great price deals by purchasing wholesome products that are the end of the series or - for various reasons - have been withdrawn from production. This is a real treat for lovers of old style who do not have urgent renovation work to do, but only look for interesting and inexpensive arrangement solutions for their home.

Sale of rustic furniture accessories means not only bargain prices of small products such as wooden furniture knobs, furniture keys and cabinet hinges. Among the sold products you can even find furniture: beautiful consoles in LOFT style, industrial bookshelf on wheels, rustic table. Even if you do not plan to replenish your home furnishings with another piece of furniture, you may want to consider buying, for example, in the form of a gift. It can also be a great opportunity to gradually replace equipment that no longer matches our changing vision of arrangement.

When is it worth to hunt for bargains? Always when we would like to change the appearance of the flat slightly at a small cost, or if we want to carry out an arrangement experiment and we are not fully convinced of its success.
The promotional prices of accessories in retro style are also tempting when we plan to change an old piece of furniture, bought for a bit at the flea market. By opting for furniture fittings at a standard price, it is not uncommon to discover that stylish furniture accessories outweigh the value of the furniture itself. In this situation, the hinges, handles and other items from the sale of rustic items are becoming a tempting alternative!

Buying items from the sales department can be a real pleasure for the buyer and a relief for the wallet, but to be fully satisfied with the transaction, you must approach the sale in a responsible and "cool" manner. If we intend to purchase a larger number of small items, or items for which we know that in the future we will have to supplement their number - be sure to find out what are the stocks of a given product, or make a larger stock. It should be remembered that in the sales department there are products from the end of the series or items withdrawn from production, specific accessories, furniture and accessories are therefore in a limited quantity, sometimes they are really single copies. Before we decide to buy, for example, rustic furniture handles from the sale, let's count how many pieces we will need and make sure that the stock levels allow you to place an order for the necessary quantity.

Cast iron table legs, rustic furniture handles, door and furniture hinges, sliding door guides, retro-style furniture, interesting decorative rustic accessories - all this can be found in the separate sales category. Price reductions are really big and sometimes you can decide on some solutions that were previously unattainable for us. By saving on the sliding door system, we can allocate a larger amount to a solid wooden door, using the offer we can choose more decorative cupboard handles, and purchasing rustic shelf brackets at a bargain price, we can think about mounting more shelves in the apartment. We encourage you to visit the sales department and hunt for unique occasions!