In old style

Door locks

Beautiful and stylish door locks available in our offer are unique solutions that impress with their functionality and quality. Ideal for interior doors as well as doors in chests or cabinets. Robust and made of high strength and durable cast iron will ensure trouble-free and safe closing. The door locks we offer include all accessories - screws, enabling them to quickly, easily, trouble-free and efficient assembly.



At the shop you will find beautiful and stylish door locks. We offer unique locks, which have not only a functional but also decorative function. Some models are adorned with intricate ornaments, and some are - raw simplicity. However, they are all made in the old-fashioned vintage style, which is why they fit into the doors and furniture in rustic style. Beautifully presented on the background of wood and allow to emphasize the old-fashioned atmosphere of the rooms. Door locks are very solid made, and we are melting them from strong cast iron. This traditional and technically-known for centuries is a guarantee that you receive very durable and solid products that will last for many years.

All of the locks offered in our shop have the necessary mounting accessories - including screws for quick, easy, trouble-free and efficient installation. Choose from several models of door locks made in different styles: baskwil furniture lock in several types (spring, decorative, horseshoe), OLD sliding door lock , brass door lock , as well as accessory: sign for lock insert.

Pay attention to the brass door lock offered in our store, which can be mounted both on the left and right door leaf. This is a beautifully crafted and old-fashioned item. This makes it suitable for retro-vintage rooms. It is functional and guarantees trouble-free installation on the door. It is made from high quality brass in bright gold color - it fits perfectly with such ancient rooms decorated in a bit even royal style, for example, to the climatic suites in hotels located in historic buildings.

The sliding door lock, in turn , is a stylish, aged accessory in the form of a door lock . We designed it specifically for our sliding door systems. It enables functional and efficient closing of sliding doors wherever we feel like a little privacy - for example in the dressing room, the bathroom or the bedroom. Gate valve is very versatile - it fits well with other door systems, and its black color will match the doors of different types.