In old style

Latches and staples

Decorative door closers from the Middle Ages are undoubtedly proven and safe solutions. The luggages and staples we offer allow you to find the perfect way to close both trunks, boxes, doors, cabinets and drawers and windows. Quick installation and choice of many original and stylish solutions will allow you to complete the necessary forms of closing for the room. Each kit has the necessary screws and screws for trouble-free fitting.



Here you will find rustic lures and buckles with staples. Our products allow you to close trunks, boxes, doors, cabinets and drawers and windows. We offer a specially aged product with a rich or simple design, which is styled to the old, so they emphasize the style of rooms arranged in the atmosphere of old vintage retro or rustic style. It is important to know that closing doors with latches is a solution that was already in use in the Middle Ages, so people who run such old-fashioned premises and places of tourism will be able to emphasize the atmosphere of the room with the use of this type of retro accessories. Each kit includes the necessary screws and screws to ensure trouble-free mounting.

Mounting on the door is a safe and functional solution, and to provide an unforgettable mood in the room. We offer many original door sills in the type RUSTYK, various types of decorative latches, so-called curved latches, bolt-type decorative bolt for doors, doors and shutters and bolt straight. For example, we have a simple furniture latch located on the original base in the form of a weight. You can also find asuwy-bolts made of long steel bolts of high durability and slightly twisted handle.

Shop also offers staples with staples and lightweight clips with handles, which can be used as a protection of furniture accessories such as trunks and boxes. Our rustic latches and staples are made of steel or handmade. Thanks to the work of our craftsmen, every item is a handicraft that adds charm to the room. Pay attention to our special items such as door / window protection "Antyintruz". This security will be checked by the double doors and windows and will increase security such as the apartments and apartments on the ground floor. In the shop you will find an interesting Gothic steel skirt . It can be used as a lock for windows and shutters, but also as a lock on the cabinets or cupboards, wooden doors or doors.

All the products offered in the section of latches and staples are made with care for every detail, have a solid construction and constitute a fantastic decoration of objects and places in old fashioned style .