In old style

Furniture hinges

Convenient closure of all cabinets is an indispensable issue. If you are looking for functional yet stylish retro-style solutions, you will find solid furniture hinges on our online store. Their original shapes and easy attachment will help you to achieve the desired effect and furnish your interior with accessories that will accentuate its rustic character. They will also ensure the functional use of all furniture in a hassle-free manner, guaranteeing great satisfaction.



Furniture huts in rustic style are not only practical elements that are necessary for cabinets, but most of all, a great decoration of furniture and wooden accessories. Hinges allow for convenient closing of cabinets and cupboards. Offered in the shop products are functional and stylish, made in the style of retro old vintage and suitable for arrangements in such a bit aged climate.

The hinges are ready-to-install in the cabinets, so if you are looking to produce old furniture and accessories, then retrofit your furniture with better quality products. Rustic furniture hinges will complement retro style. In addition, we recommend them for people dealing with the production of decorative boxes and caskets, such as decorated with decoupage technique. This rustic hinge will perfectly highlight the old-fashioned nature of your items.

Our retro furniture hinges are easy to attach to furniture and provide a stunning effect. They emphasize the rustic character of the interior, especially as they are hand-made using traditional methods. Thanks to this, every hinge is a unique handicraft with elaborate detail and decor. In addition, they are very efficient, do not jam and allow convenient opening of the cabinets.

Our retro furniture hinges are based on proven forms - both simple and more decorative and intricate. Their shapes combine with many wooden furniture and at the same time accent their rustic style. We make hinges of the highest quality steel and cast iron. For each hinge, we add fitment screws, so they are ready to be assembled right away as soon as you receive us a shipment.

Our assortment of furniture hinges include hinged hinges, strap hinges and boxes, hand-forged door hinges, country style hinges, decorative hinges, gothic style hinges and rustic hinges. Suitable for all kinds of room styles and furniture. This is a small thing, but capable of doing real miracles.